With a responsive user interface design in mind we have cater for a fluid and clean design. This means that you will enjoy our product as much on your mobile and tablet devices as you would on your desktop
Multi-tenancy is the ideal architecture to make the most of the public cloud environment. This provides the best possible platform for interacting in real-time with all of the cloud resources. Each database stores data from multiple tenants, with a vaulting mechanism to protect data privacy.
We use the microservice architecture approach to develop a single application as a suite of small services. Each service running its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms, for example, a HTTP resource API. These services are built around business capabilities and independently deployable by fully automated deployment mechanisms

What we do

Empowers the
business to
manage their own
Azure identities
Allows organisations to on-board, manage and off-board customers and vendors using an intuitive delegated management portal
All modules are cloud-driven as part of a SaaS product to avoid complex IT implementations
Empower the business to onboard
their own applications using a
business friendly UI in their language
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An innovative solution to better manage

Azure guest identities by empowering your business

Piriba is a SaaS based solution that enables organisations to extend the capabilities of their Azure implementations. The product allows a business to manage their Azure guest users (customers, contractors, vendors and third parties). It also enables business ownership of data clean-up and automation providing a more relevant solution back to their users.

Core Functuanalities of External Identities:

  • Create New Identity Containers
  • Manage Identity Containers
  • Empower Managers & Approvers
  • Delegated Administration
  • Search & Reporting
  • Create New Identities From Identity Containers
  • Manage Identities
  • Emergency Termination
  • Validation Business Data
  • Select Identity Types

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